Justin Bibb

Mayor | Cleveland, OH

As the 58th Mayor of the great City of Cleveland, Ohio, Justin M. Bibb is putting  people and neighborhoods first, delivering high-quality city services and  leading bold change. The Bibb Administration is building a stronger and safer  Cleveland and modernizing City Hall to maximize access, transparency and  equity.  

On January 3, 2022, Mayor Bibb took the oath of office as the city’s first  millennial mayor.  

In just two years, his administration has made major progress on a wide  range of initiatives from unprecedented support for public safety through his  Raising Investment in Safety for Everyone (RISE) Initiative to a $15 million  American Rescue Plan investment to kick start a robust plan for the revitalization of Cleveland’s Southeast Side.  

Under Mayor Bibb’s leadership, the City of Cleveland has its first new website  in decades and has undertaken a complete overhaul of the 311 resident  communication system to dramatically improve city services and access.  Mayor Bibb also introduced his Residents First housing agenda in 2023 to give  city departments the tools they need to crack down on predatory landlords  and abate nuisance properties across Cleveland.  

Cleveland is rapidly moving toward becoming one of North America’s first 15- minute cities and Mayor Bibb’s visionary Shore-to-Core-to-Shore strategy  and new master plans for the Lake Erie lakefront and Cuyahoga Riverfront aim  to make Cleveland one of the most desirable and attractive two-waterfront  cities in the nation.  

Thanks to this work, Cleveland is back into the national conversation for all the  right reasons. 

In 2024, Mayor Bibb became chair of Climate Mayors, a bipartisan network of  more than 750 U.S. mayors focused on ambitious climate action. Through this  platform, Mayor Bibb is driving meaningful and equitable climate justice work  in cities like Cleveland, which continue to experience climate vulnerability due to historic disinvestment. He was also elected Vice President of the  Democratic Mayors Association.  

For the first time in decades, Cleveland has a leadership role in the U.S.  Conference of Mayors, where Mayor Bibb is an active member of the advisory  board and serves as chair of the Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment, and  Sports Standing Committee. Mayor Bibb also serves on the board of the Ohio  Mayors Alliance and is a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition.  Mayor Bibb was born and raised on Cleveland’s southeast side in the Mt.  Pleasant neighborhood. Over the past 15 years, Mayor Bibb has worked in  government, business and the nonprofit sector as an executive and nonprofit  leader. He started his career in public service working for President Obama  when he was in the U.S. Senate and later at Cuyahoga County as a special  assistant advising on education and economic development policies. He led  the Global Cities Practice at global research firm Gallup, served as Vice  President at KeyBank and was Chief Strategy Officer at Urbanova, a startup  focused on improving cities.  

Mayor Bibb is a proud American University alumnus with an undergraduate  degree in Urban Studies. He completed the General Course Programme with  an emphasis in Social Policy and Economics from the London School of  Economics and is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University. He holds a  Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Law (JD).