Amanda Gonzalez
Clerk & Recorder | Jefferson County, CO

Creating a More Inclusive Redistricting Process

Idea Category: Defending Democracy

2023 Ideas Challenge Entry

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Amanda Gonzalez reimagining the process for community-led redistricting, creating a more citizen focused and transparent process. There is no more fundamental right than for voters to freely choose who represents them. Gonzalez’s new county redistricting policy and practice in Jefferson County resulted in one of the most inclusive and engaging processes in the state.

The process was guided by three principles: accessibility, inclusion, and legal compliance. Rather than drawing lines in a backroom out of the public eye, the Clerk and Recorder's office created a policy that created maps with public input, provided virtual and in-person ways for the public to have their voice heard, and ultimately drew the final version of a map in front of a public audience.


The process resulted in increased public engagement, including reaching over 17,000 people virtually and in person at public meetings at geographically diverse locations that were ADA accessible. The Clerk’s office provided the county commissioners and the public with a preliminary map to consider and revised the map to include feedback from community members. The commissioners then made final edits to the map during a public meeting.

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