Krista Griffith
Representative | North Wilmington, DE

Access to Accurate and Timely Election Information 

Idea Category: Defending Democracy

2023 Ideas Challenge Entry

Delaware Representative Krista Griffith's HB 82 which was signed into law in 2023, will ensure voters have access to information concerning polling locations, times, dates, and more. This bill directs the Department of Elections to biennially mail a notice to all registered voters containing pertinent information, including their polling place, the dates and times of the general and any primary elections, registration deadlines, and polling place and early voting policies and procedures.

Prior to the legislation, voters received a card in the mail with their polling location and election districts, but the cards did not give residents the full picture of voting options, such as how to cast ballots during early voting and the criteria for absentee voting.


This legislation was a direct result of conversations with voters who expressed frustration with not knowing all methods of voting. This legislation will give voters the tools they need to make a plan to vote and will provide new tools to engage voters.

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