Krista Griffith

Representative | North Wilmington, DE

Krista Griffith is the State Representative for the 12th District of Delaware. Krista is a parent, attorney, and advocate who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of Delawareans of all ages. Her work has helped ensure that Delawareans, including the most vulnerable, have access to economic and educational opportunities as well as equitable treatment by the justice system. She serves as chair of the House Technology & Telecommunications Committee and vice-chair of the House Judiciary Committee and Natural Resources Committee.

Prior to being elected in 2018, Krista served for nearly a decade as a Deputy Attorney General in the Delaware Department of Justice under the administrations of Beau Biden and Matt Denn. Krista led Attorney General Biden’s Senior Protection Initiative and was assistant unit head of the Department of Justice’s Domestic Violence and Child Abuse units. She also represented state agencies including the Department of Services for Children, Youth, and their Families. Krista knows first-hand the healthcare challenges confronting Delaware families. When her younger son faced life-threatening leukemia, Krista spent months at his bedside while he underwent successful cancer treatment. Krista’s professional and personal experiences have driven her to champion innovative legislation that prioritizes Delawarean’s access to opportunities and services — from health care to the justice system to higher education.