Adrian Perkins

Former Mayor | Shreveport, LA

Adrian Perkins served as the Mayor of Shreveport, LA, from 2019-2022. In the wake of 9/11, Adrian Perkins accepted a nomination to the United States Military Academy. There, he was the captain of the track team and the first African-American graduate elected Class President in West Point’s history. Perkins deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan after graduating from West Point. He achieved the rank of Captain and Company Commander in the United States Army and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service. After three tours of duty, the Tillman Foundation accepted Perkins into their Tillman Scholar Program, enabling him to attend Harvard Law School, where he was again elected Student Body President.

In 2020, Mayor Perkins instructed the City Engineer and Chief Technology Officer to geo-locate COVID cases to track viral spread in Shreveport during the pandemic. This information was used to direct resources and target messaging—an approach that saved lives. He also worked to establish citywide surveillance cameras and a Real-Time Crime Center. Mayor Perkins served on several boards, including the Southern Rail Commission; the Federal Communications Commission’s Intergovernmental Advisory Committee; the United States Conference of Mayors Advisory Committee; and Northwest Louisiana’s Metropolitan Planning Organization.