Greg Fischer
Former Mayor | Louisville, KY

ARP: Louisville KY, Pre-Apprenticeship Programs Provides Jobs in Financial Crisis

Idea Category: Equity & Opportunity, Jobs and Entrepreneurship | Funding Source: American Rescue Plan

The White House touted Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s efforts on workforce training at a summit on the American Rescue Plan and the Workforce. With $40 million in ARPA funds set aside to support workforce development, the mayor spoke at the event about the growth of Kentuckiana Builds, a pre-apprenticeship program that teaches specialized construction skills. “What so many people need is just a little bit of help, but city governments are strapped financially and what the ARPA funds have been able to do is take our dreams and turn them into reality,” Fischer said. Mayor Fischer hopes the program will help fill the need for construction workers in Louisiana as well as support participants through the financial crisis. Fischer used ARPA funds to serve additional participants, including wraparound services for underinvested communities such as formerly incarcerated individuals.

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