John Cranley
Former Mayor | Cincinnati, OH

New Marker Solar Project

Idea Category: Climate Change, Infrastructure


The 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report states that greenhouse gas concentrations are driving profound change to the Earth System, including global warming, rising sea levels, and an increase in climate and weather extremes. As a result, the City of Cincinnati is actively working to dramatically reduce its carbon emissions and do so in a fiscally responsible way that provides economic benefit to the Greater Cincinnati region.


To drastically reduce the carbon footprint of cities, we must take action that spurs large-scale development of renewable energy utilizing our consumption and purchasing power to drive these arrays and lead to local community economic development opportunities. 
Cincinnati is developing a 100-megawatt solar array, the country's largest municipal led solar array, that will provide solar power for city government operations and the residents of Cincinnati through the Community Choice Aggregation Program (CCA).
By intentionally directing how the City purchases energy, Cincinnati can lead large-scale solar development, create savings for the taxpayers, and ensure community benefits such as job creation, fair wages, and investments in schools and government within the solar array jurisdiction.