Loranne Ausley
Former Senator | Tallahassee, FL

Protecting Our Natural Resources through Agricultural and Environmental Alliances

IDEA CATAGORY: Climate Change


Our world is experiencing the effects of climate change in a way that threatens every corner of the planet, from rising sea levels, drought, and heat to catastrophic weather events. Most farmers recognize and understand the value of our natural resources and have used the best technology available and affordable at the time; yet, many outdated practices resulted in over-fertilization and runoff into our water bodies, timber reduction without repopulation, and animal farming practices that produce waste and byproducts.  At the same time, we are experiencing loss of farm and timberland due to the continued expansion of urban and coastal development and natural disasters. A farmer once shared that “the last crop a farmer ever plants is housed.”


Our legislation seeks to bring environmentalists and agricultural producers together to quantify the ways that farmers and large landholders contribute to long-term sustainability and resiliency goals. State agencies and universities will determine a value for services such as water recharge, stormwater filtration, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, and air quality.  Putting a value on the BENEFITS of these "services" will encourage and incentivize best practices and modern farming techniques that are integral to the protection of critical natural resources.

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