Bob Duff
Senate Majority Leader | Norwalk, CT

Occupational Licensing Reform

Idea Category: Jobs and Entrepreneurship


State rules for licensure and registration for certain occupations has become burdensome and created barriers to entry for workers through unnecessary fess and other requirements. 


By reexamining our occupational licensing and limiting it to those positions where it is necessary because of higher levels of training, health or safety considerations we are removing regulations and opening up employment to people who might not otherwise be able to enter these fields. This also cuts down on the costs to consumers and businesses, while maintaining safety for consumers by keeping licensing where it's needed. First, we passed a law to phase out occupational licenses for jobs that don’t have educational or professional prerequisites, including for Wholesaler Salesmen, Residential Flat Glass or Automotive Glazier, and Real Estate Intern. The next step will be to continue to work with the relevant state agencies and across the aisle to examine all of the occupations and determine whether they are being properly regulated by state government or not.

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