Barry Finegold
Senator | Andover, MA

Senator Barry Finegold: Expansion of Voting in Massachusetts

Idea Category: Defending Democracy, Equity & Opportunity

A committee co-chaired by NewDEAL Leader Massachusetts Senator Barry Finegold recently brokered a deal in both the House and Senate to pass a package of voting reforms that include permanent mail-in voting, increased ballot accessibility for voters with disabilities and overseas service members, and updated election administration procedures for the state. The reforms also make voter registration windows more flexible, allowing voters to register as late as 10 days before an election rather than the original 20 days. “This landmark legislation will empower voters and strengthen our democracy,” Finegold said. Read more about this important legislation, and keep an eye out for more from the NewDEAL Forum on solutions to protect voter access and build election integrity as the new Democracy Working Group ramps up.

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