Scott Kawasaki

Senator | Fairbanks, AK

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedicine, Scott Kawasaki immediately started his political career when he was elected to the Fairbanks City Council in 1999. Being one of the youngest members serving and recent graduate he offered a unique perspective that secured him another term. Shortly after he defeated the Republican incumbent and became the state representative for House District 9, in 2006. As the youngest member of the legislature at that time, he again showed exceptional leadership with unique solutions to solve problems Alaska was facing. This ultimately led to him continuously winning reelections in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016. Using his robust experience in legislation Kawasaki ran and won for Senator in 2018 to serve District A.

Since his election, Kawasaki has served as Alaska’s Senator promoting progressive ideas and advancing important legislation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he quickly passed a comprehensive economic plan to mitigate the immediate impacts Alaskan families and small businesses faced. Senate Bill 241 helped protect the health of Alaskans and provided economic relief to ensure businesses did not close. In early January this year, he filed Senate Bill 6, to implement a temporary, voluntary retirement incentive program to increase state savings by allowing public employees to retire early. The state could save money by paying pensions for retired employees rather than paying long-serving public employees higher salaries. This solution saved Alaska a ton of money through lower personnel costs. Kawasaki continues to offer creative solutions and provide Alaska with essential legislation that has been improving the lives of thousands.