Christine Hunschofsky, Representative (Parkland, FL)


New Mental Health Commission in Florida

This week, NewDEAL Leader Florida Representative Christine Hunschofsky was appointed to serve on a new Commission on Mental Health and Substance Abuse. The Commission will explore Florida’s mental health and substance abuse care programs and make recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of these practices. Upon her appointment, Representative Hunschofsky said, “The worldwide pandemic has exacerbated the mental health and substance abuse crises in our state, and it’s critical we begin our work to address the important need for our state.” For more from NewDEALers on the importance of focusing on mental health, listen to a recent episode of NewDEAL’s podcast featuring West Virginia Senate Minority Leader John Unger, who discussed the mental health crisis that emerged alongside the COVID pandemic and why it is important to invest in what he calls “human infrastructure.”