NewDEALers On The Hill

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This week, two NewDEALers traveled to Washington to testify before Congressional committees. Oregon Treasurer Tobias Read met with the Senate Finance Committee to discuss his state’s successful OregonSaves program, the first state-sponsored private sector retirement program in the nation. One of the country's leading advocates for transforming American workers' ability to save for retirement, Read touted the strong performance of the program, which has saved 110,000 Oregonians more than $123 million since its launch in 2017. Separately, former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes appeared before the Committee on House Administration to discuss voter suppression, subversion, and election worker intimidation. See more about Fontes’ testimony, during which he described the escalation of threats against election officials and implored Congress to pass legislation that provides "election workers and voters with safety measures necessary to enable them to do their jobs or to vote without threats or intimidation."

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