New Election Readiness Plan

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On his 100th day in office as Arizona Secretary of State, NewDEAL Leader Adrian Fontes announced a new plan to help all 15 counties in his state prepare to administer the 2024 election. To develop the plan, Fontes toured all 15 Arizona counties and met with local election administrators to gain an understanding of the unique challenges facing each community. Fontes, who co-chairs the NewDEAL Forum Democracy Working Group, plans to create a new position within his department to provide counties with the technical assistance and training needed to address physical and cybersecurity threats. “In our battle against misinformation, it is crucial that the rules governing elections be clear, concise, and understandable—not just for elections professionals but for ordinary citizens as well,” Fontes said. “We are proud to be working with county elections officials, stakeholders, and lawmakers to deliver the best manual possible.” Read more here.

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