NewDEAL Alum Josh Shapiro Sworn in as Pennsylvania Governor

Idea Category: Defending Democracy

NewDEAL alum and former Attorney General Josh Shapiro was sworn in as the 48th governor of Pennsylvania at an inaugural ceremony this week. In his speech, Shapiro stressed his commitment to bipartisanship, democracy, and “do[ing] the hard work necessary to protect our fundamental rights,” as he forcefully rejected extremism and hate. In a time of continued polarization, and with Shapiro's new administration set to navigate a legislature with split partisan control, the Governor made freedom a core theme of his address. He talked about the freedoms that come from access to high-quality education, clean air and water, and safe communities, along with strong democratic institutions. On his first full day in office, Shapiro signed an executive order opening up thousands of public sector jobs to those without a 4 year degree by promoting skills and experience in hiring. The order recognizes the chance to increase job opportunities for people who have pursued other avenues of training and education that are key parts of a strong workforce development. system. Read more about Governor Shapiro’s inauguration here.

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