A New Era for Richmond

Idea Category: Equity & Opportunity, Housing, Infrastructure

This week, NewDEAL Leader Richmond, VA Mayor Levar Stoney delivered his state of the city address, highlighting his ongoing equity agenda and how new investments in housing, economic growth, and public safety initiatives will make a difference for his community. In addition, Mayor Stoney laid out new programs to: spur further economic growth, building on infrastructure improvements; support students, including a pilot program to help get high school graduates through community college; and boost public safety with plans to tackle gun violence along with police recruitment, retention and accountability. “Our past is no longer leading our present. Now, we are leading our future,” Stoney proclaimed. “A future that includes all Richmonders, no matter the color of their skin, whom they pray to or whom they love.” Read more about Mayor Stoney’s State of the City address here.

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