Levar Stoney, Mayor (Richmond, VA)

IDEA CATAGORY: Infrastructure, Transportation

Making Transit Equitable & Easier

NewDEAL Leader Richmond, VA Mayor Levar Stoney is creating a new Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility to oversee multimodal transit programs and expansion, with a focus on providing low-income neighborhoods with access to transportation. The office will help groups and agencies collaborate on major transit projects to minimize duplicative work, and will work on rethinking streets for all users, not just cars, as well as developing the bus and bike systems, improving last mile connectivity, and extending free bus fares. This holistic approach to transit development will be a focal point of an upcoming white paper on transit from the NewDEAL Forum’s Renewing America Task Force. Learn more about Mayor Stoney’s work from the city’s press release on this groundbreaking new office.