Housing Program Brings Stability

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Taking office just weeks before the pandemic hit, NewDEAL Leader Boise Mayor Lauren McLean had already made affordable housing a top priority. But with COVID exacerbating housing issues and putting more families at risk for homelessness, Mayor McLean worked with city and county partners to recently pass the Emergency Rental Assistance Program to administer grants to help residents cover rent and other living expenses.  The program is funded with monies from the U.S. Treasury Department as part of the second COVID relief package. Speaking about possible additional relief from Congress, Mayor McLean told the Well News, “Obviously, the more funds that are made available, the more you can do, and what we’ve been advocating for in the next stimulus is funding that will enable us to secure funds for those experiencing homelessness. If the feds are willing, we’re ready to acquire, rehab or construct new affordable housing in a community that really needs it.”  Read more about the Emergency Rental Assistance Program and other ideas to address affordable housing in a recent interview Mayor McLean did with Well News.

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