Elizabeth Bennett-Parker

Delegate | Alexandria, VA

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker is the Delegate representing the 45th Virginia House District. Before assuming office in January 2022, she was Alexandria’s City Council, the former Vice Mayor of Alexandria, and the former Chair of the Virginia Railway Express. She has also represented Alexandria on several other boards, including the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, Visit Alexandria, and the Alexandria Library Board.

Elizabeth co-leads Together We Bake in her day job, a nonprofit job training and personal development program for women in need. She is the founder of Fruitcycle, a social enterprise that produced healthy snacks from locally-sourced produce that would otherwise go to waste while also providing jobs for women who had been homeless or formerly incarcerated. Recognizing a similarity in missions, Elizabeth merged Fruitcycle with Together We Bake in 2016. Elizabeth is a former Fulbright Fellow, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University, and received a Master’s from the University of London.